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Image by Kelsey Chance



Frenchy Dreams of Hashish

Film Screening

Saturday April 29th, 2023


Please join us for this important celebration of the life and work of Frenchy Cannoli as we screen his feature-length documentary, Frenchy Dreams of Hashish by Jake Remington of Collabo NYC that showcases the challenges legalization has brought to small California Cannabis farms. Frenchy was a California-based teacher, consultant, artisan, and activist dedicated to the production and appreciation of traditional Cannabis concentrates. During his lifetime, Frenchy taught his “Lost Art of the Hashishin” seminars to 1,000s of aspiring concentrate-makers. An advocate of open-source knowledge-sharing, Frenchy freely demonstrated his techniques on Youtube, as well as with his 194,000+ Instagram followers. He likewise pushed for broader post-legalization public education: beyond working to develop hashish grading standards, Frenchy was a prominent supporter of regional growing certifications for Cannabis production, inspired by appellation d'origine contrôlée rules like those protecting the integrity of Bordeaux wines.

Presented by Emerald Road, Skunk Magazine & Green Street

Saturday April 29th, 2023

All proceeds from this event will go to the Origins Council

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