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Native Humboldt Farms

Native Humboldt is a small boutique craft cannabis farm in Humboldt County. Founded and owned by Lindsey Renner, a descendant of the Wailaki tribe, indigenous to Humboldt County before white incursion. Some people would refer to the growing practices on Native Humboldt as regenerative, Lindsey describes them as indigenous. She uses native and natural, as well as farmed vegetation, to breed native micro organisms and create nutrients for her plants. She believes by working with nature instead of trying to dominate it, her plants have the best chance at reaching their full potential and essence. Native Humboldt is seeing broad full spectrum cannabinoid and terpene profiles. This is craft cannabis at its finest. In an effort to protect and preserve the craft cannabis ecosystem in California as a whole, Lindsey holds a type 6 manufacturing license, distribution and is also building out non store front as well as brick and mortar retail. In creating and controlling a sustainable supply chain, Lindsey ensures that only the best craft cannabis reaches the California consumer.

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